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  • Tuesday 13/09-2011 | By Henrik Friis

    The next edition of SPOT Festival will take place on 4-5 May 2012

    The 18th edition of Denmark's Nordic music festival & conference will take place on 4-5 May 2012. Come and experience the joys of Scandinavian spring in Aarhus and a fantastic line-up of over 100 Nordic and international acts! The SPOT Festival is attended every year by over 1,000 industry delegates...

  • Wednesday 01/06-2011 | By Henrik Friis

    International networking - before demoliton

    300 representatives from the Danish and international music world – approximately fifty-fifty – took part in a networking lunch at SPOT 2011 organised by the festival, ROSA – The Danish Rock Council, MXD and SPOT on Denmark The venue was the old brewery premises at Ceres, which thus came to use...

  • Fine reactions at SPOT Festival 2011

    The SPOT Festival is over, and the reactions from the international guests have been unambiguous. There was a general satisfaction with the festival and a broad consensus that the music was once again on a very high level. Over the next few weeks we shall see the first reactions from the press, but...

  • Wednesday 25/05-2011 | By Henrik Friis

    And now for something completely different: The readable timetables have arrived

    It's here - the readable timetables for Fridays and Saturdays concerts.A horn of plenty - there are hard decisions and choices to be made.

  • Friday 13/05-2011 | By Henrik Friis

    The Career Canon at SPOT

    The winners of the 10th anniversary season of the Career Career have been crowned – and will play at the SPT Festival as part of a special Career Canon event. After listening to the record-high number of submitted tracks (1639 to be exact!) over and over again and seeing many of the bands live, the...

  • Friday 13/05-2011 | By Stefan Rasmussen

    Bernhoft at SPOT

    Ok, we managed to squeeze in an extra act in the line-up for this year’s SPOT Festival. Well, there was really no way we could leave out Norwegian Bernhoft, who over the latest years has evolved into one of our sister country’s most talented voices and most original artists!

  • Friday 29/04-2011 | By Moses O. Luxhøj

    BlueSPOT: Six Danish Cities and Bremen Set the Agenda

    For the first time Blue SPOT takes over Skolegade in Aarhus with 40 underground acts. SPOT has always taken great pride in giving young and talented, yet still unknown bands a chance to prove themselves. This yearSPOT expands on that tradition and takes over all of Skolegade (street in downtown Aarhus...

  • Friday 29/04-2011 | By Henrik Friis

    BlueSPOT: Opening Concert with Teitur and KT Tunstall Kicks off Three Days Devoted to Music

    The time has come for the seventeenth SPOT Festival, and true to tradition the festival will open on Thursday night with a line up that transcends the festival on Friday and Saturday with more than 100 Danish and Nordic acts. This year the opening is to take place at Bispetorv in Aarhus as part of a...

  • Thursday 28/04-2011 | By Stefan Rasmussen

    SPOT Launches Chill-Out Stage, Eight New Acts, Beta Session and NAKED

    Today we have the pleasure of revealing another great bunch of acts for the SPOT weekend (27th & 28th May), and with less than a month to the festival 99 per cent of the line-up for the two days of music are in place. Life as a festivalgoer is often hard, and sometimes you just need a bit of soothing...

  • Tuesday 19/04-2011 | By Stefan Rasmussen

    SPOT's Grand Old Man

    When 67-year-old Niels Skousen goes on stage at SPOT, he will be the oldest and most experienced artist ever to have played at the festival! And it is therefore fitting that this grand old man will tell us about his career and answer questions from the crowd during the concert.

  • Monday 18/04-2011 | By Stefan Rasmussen

    WhoMadeWho, Emma Acs and Eight Singer/Songwriters Added to the Line-up

    With more than 100 acts the line-up for this year’s SPOT Festival will soon be complete. But before we get that far, it is now time for a new release of acts that includes super tight club rock, Oriental bubblegum pop and loads of singer/songwriter music. On the 25th of April Copenhagen trio WhoMadeWho...

  • Thursday 14/04-2011 | By Stefan Rasmussen

    InterSpot: Five Band Pairings at SPOT

    In 2010 InterSPOT presented a long list of international bands at various venues in Aarhus. This year the number of InterSPOT acts has been cut down to five. In return each concert is a double bill. Because this time the concept is that each concert will be a joint project between an international and...

  • Thursday 31/03-2011 | By Stefan Rasmussen

    Oh Land, Cody, Lucy Love and Five More Acts Confirmed for SPOT

    With two months to go to this year’s SPOT Festival in Aarhus two Icelandic, two Swedish and four Danish acts have now been added to the line-up. In addition to Oh Land’s stylish and intelligent pop, the list includes psycho garage rock from Aarhus, a revived rock band from Iceland, a mysterious...

  • Thursday 17/03-2011 | By Stefan Rasmussen

    SPOT Feasts on Music Genres and Styles – 15 New Acts Revealed

    From political indie rap to sunshine pop and from African-inspired Danish Schlager pop to synth based techno soul and an English poet in the plural Now the SPOT releases are beginning to speed up. In today’s big batch of acts you find Treefight for Sunlight, Frisk Frugt, Brother Grimm, The William...

  • Wednesday 09/03-2011 | By Stefan Rasmussen

    SPOT With Weltschmerz, Faith, Hope and Love ,

    Jj and Hymns From Nineveh announced for SPOT. They will be joined by My Evil Twin, Pil og Liv, FCAN and Shanghai Today’s impressive release of SPOT acts includes eerie Swedish pop wizardry, indie hymns, arabesque pop, 20-year-old techno for the future, shoegazing pop and a pair of young siblings who...