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  • Friday 27/05-2011 | By Esther Maria Brakl

    SPOT on people

    Manfred Zähringer Director of Iceberg music group. How long have you had Iceberg? -I’ve been running the company for 30 years; it’s still paying the bills. Where did you start the company? -I started it here in Denmark, and have been living here for forty years. What is it Iceberg does? -Iceberg...

  • Friday 27/05-2011 | By Esther Maria Brakl

    SPOT Lounge

    Talking music and brands, with Jack Horner from FRUKT Communications. As a part of the official SPOT program, the festival arranges talks and seminars during the weekend, focused on sharing experience and knowledge in the music business. Hidden away behind the stages, where the main acts are busy playing...

  • Friday 27/05-2011 | By Esther Maria Brakl

    Music Export Denmark – its lunchtime!

    Every year during the SPOT, Music Export Denmark starts of the festival with its annual pre-SPOT lunch. Purpose:  to get the music business talking. Since 2004 Music Export Denmark has been working to promote and export Danish music abroad. The organization is a unique institution, supported by...