BlueSPOT: Opening Concert with Teitur and KT Tunstall Kicks off Three Days Devoted to Music
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Friday | 29/04-2011 | By Henrik Friis

BlueSPOT: Opening Concert with Teitur and KT Tunstall Kicks off Three Days Devoted to Music

Teitur - invites KT Tunstall to SPOT
Teitur - invites KT Tunstall to SPOT

The time has come for the seventeenth SPOT Festival, and true to tradition the festival will open on Thursday night with a line up that transcends the festival on Friday and Saturday with more than 100 Danish and Nordic acts.

This year the opening is to take place at Bispetorv in Aarhus as part of a comprehensive Thursday programme called Blue SPOT,
which among other things include eight stages in Skolegade when the music at Bispetorv is over. Both events are free
of charge.

At Bispetorv Faroese Teitur will go on stage together with Scottish KT Tunstall. They have both toured as singer/songwriters on their
own for years, playing international stages, and releasing albums. The two artists have, however, shared the stage before. Teitur has
played support for KT Tunstall on tours in the US and the UK, and together they have among other things played a cover version of
Nothing Compares 2 U on a French TV show.

Teitur was born and bred in the Faroe Islands, but has lived in Denmark for several periods and attended upper secondary school here.
After his 2003 debut he has toured with artists like Suzanne Vega and John Mayer. Many of his songs have appeared on film soundtracks and
in 2007 he won a Danish Music Award as “Best Danish Singer”. Incidentally Teitur began working with his current manager when they met at
SPOT back in the late 90s.

Since her debut in 2004 KT Tunstall has received numerous awards, and several of her singles have found their way to international
charts. Her most famous song is “Suddenly I See” which was the theme song of the TV show “Men In Trees”.
On stage at Bispetorv the two artists will fuse Teitur’s folk sound with KT Tunstall’s poppy alternative rock.

The concert at Bispetorv accentuates the international music collaboration that SPOT is behind which is also evident at this year’s
five InterSPOT projects where a Danish and an international act go on stage together for two concerts during the festival. At the same
time the concert also stresses the importance of such collaborative projects for the artists involved. The concert may help KT Tunstall
gain a stronger foothold in Denmark, and it may bring Teitur more gigs in Great Britain.

Teitur’s manager Christian Ulf-Hansen says, “The connection between Teitur and KT Tunstall was established some years ago when
her producer, Swedish Martin Terefe, gave her Teitur’s second album, “Stay Under the Stars, which he had produced. KT really liked it and
asked Teitur to play support for her on a tour in the US and later a UK tour as well. Last year when Teitur was to appear on the French
TV show “Taratata”, he returned the compliment and asked KT to be his guest. That’s also why he has invited her to come along to

Ulf-Hansen continues, “Those collaborations and ways of helping each other are very valuable in the music world – not least when you’re
trying to break through internationally. Teitur and KT really want to continue working together even if it requires a bit of planning. In any case
they are planning to write songs together.”

The first part of the opening concert will feature Blood Sweat Drum’n’Bass and various handpicked artists. BSD’n’B is a gargantuan
band with lots of electronics, and wind instruments as well percussionists (14 and 9 respectively!).

The group will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary with gigs in Denmark and abroad and several album releases – including one
from the Roskilde Festival. The latest outing is called “Asa Nisi Masa” inspired by the old Fellini film.