Oh Land, Cody, Lucy Love and Five More Acts Confirmed for SPOT
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Thursday | 31/03-2011 | By Stefan Rasmussen

Oh Land, Cody, Lucy Love and Five More Acts Confirmed for SPOT

Oh Land: much courted by American music business - and houses....
Oh Land: much courted by American music business - and houses....

With two months to go to this year’s SPOT Festival in Aarhus two Icelandic, two Swedish and four Danish acts have now been added to the line-up.

In addition to Oh Land’s stylish and intelligent pop, the list includes psycho garage rock from Aarhus, a revived rock band from Iceland, a mysterious Swedish phenomenon with a really cryptic name, authentic grime rap in English, downplayed indie kraut disco, an acclaimed Danish orchestra that plays country folk and a solo artist who produced 10,000 hand-sewn covers for his debut CD!   

Oh Land is back!
Marvelous Oh Land is on a roll! Two years ago she opened SPOT with a sparkling pop explosion that included an entire symphony orchestra, and two days later she matched her opening concert with just as big a bang at one of the biggest stages at the actual festival. Since then Nanna Øland Fabricius, aka Oh Land, hasn’t looked back. Today she is uber hot in the US, where she released her eponymous international album in March and played on the Dave Letterman show! Oh Land is ready to conquer the world – and SPOT!

On their first occasion at SPOT the collective Cody too swept everybody off their feet with their alternative country folk. The audience was ecstatic and the reviewers called it the best concert of 2010. After last year’s SPOT Cody were singled out for three international SPOT On Denmark showcases, and now they are working on a follow-up for the critically acclaimed “Songs”.

Grime rap and psycho garage rock
After the break-through with her debut outing “Superbillion” from 2010 and its introduction of authentic grime in Denmark, Lucy Love will now come to SPOT with a new album – “Kilo”. Lucy Love’s rap is hard-hitting and precise, which together with her appealing sing-along lyrics makes her a strong live act.

Local legends of Powersolo are also quite hard-hitting, and after more than ten years and with four albums to their name Powersolo’s no-nonsense psycho garage rock has long since established the band on the Danish rock scene. With their newest release “Buzz Human” Kim Kix & co. seem to be planning a true rock party.

Between Malmö, Brooklyn and Düsseldorf
A much more underplayed band is Swedish This is Head, who explore a unique indie kraut disco the roots of which stem from Malmö’s rainy streets, old storehouses in Brooklyn and empty underground parking lots in Düsseldorf. A minimalistic version of Yeasayer?

Icelandic singer and songwriter Mugison got his breakthrough with the album “Lonely Mountain” in 2003. Wrapped in 10,000 hand-sewn covers the album attracted quite a lot of attention. He will be joined by his compatriots of risen-from-the-dead rock band HAM.

SPOT can also confirm the mysterious Just A Number 05272011. No one knows who they are, but the female voice sound like Karin Dreijer’s (Fever Ray / The Knife). There is a lot of speculation concerning this phenomenon, and the secret will be revealed, when at SPOT they play in public for the first time!

Masquerade at SPOT - Powersolo is back.
Masquerade at SPOT - Powersolo is back.