SPOT With Weltschmerz, Faith, Hope and Love ,
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Wednesday | 09/03-2011 | By Stefan Rasmussen

SPOT With Weltschmerz, Faith, Hope and Love ,

Hymns From Nineveh - ready for SPOT
Hymns From Nineveh - ready for SPOT

Jj and Hymns From Nineveh announced for SPOT. They will be joined by My Evil Twin, Pil og Liv, FCAN and Shanghai

Today’s impressive release of SPOT acts includes eerie Swedish pop wizardry, indie hymns, arabesque pop, 20-year-old techno for the future, shoegazing pop and a pair of young siblings who play acoustic indie pop.

Swedish Dreams and Peaceful Hymns
You don’t have to dig deep to find an element of tragedy in Jj’s luscious and floating pop music. Teen Weltschmerz, longing and lost innocence abound here but also blood-stained mystery and uncanny eeriness. One can’t help wondering if Jj wouldn’t have been Laura Palmer’s favourite band if she was still among us? In the blink of an eye, the shy and chaste Gothenburg duo have reached a massive audience with their strange music. It is pop wizardry for adventurous souls around the world.

While Jj have an enticingly uncanny quality to them, there is something peaceful abut Hymns From Nineveh’s heartfelt indie hymns, which are bound to move anyone who has a heart. With woodwind instruments, violins, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar and an angelic choir, the sky is indeed the limit and there is room for paeans about faith, hope and love. The Debut album was enthusiastically received by the critics and went straight to number seven on the album chart.

Arabesque and Shoegazing Pop
There is also plenty of pathos to be found in the songs by the Danish newcomers of Shanghai although here it is shrouded in synths, heavy bass guitars and plenty of ornamentation. Drawing on the heritage from Tears for Fears and late Pink Floyd, Shanghai still have their personal artistic vision and create transcendental pop music that like the arabesque keeps spinning like a spiral – round and round to infinity and beyond!

As for style, My Evil Twin is to be found somewhere between summery, nostalgic synth pop and guitar-based indie rock. The songs have been written by Cecilie ENevold Nielsen, whose evil twin makes her presence felt in the music as a sinister counterweight to the light and airy vocals. Despite their predilection for shoegaze, the band’s catchy pop music takes control of the crowd’s feet.

Vintage techno and a tale of two sisters
With the avant-garde project FCAN you are in for a mind-blowing experience when they go on stage at SPOT to perform their 20-year-old techno for the future. The duo, which consists of Mensch Matsumoto and a giant Gliedermann doll, has a soft spot for the year 1991 when the sound of techno was still young and unspoiled. The nostalgia is highlighted by the band’s brilliant visuals: TV test cards, 8 mb aesthetics and old DOS codes!

The two sisters that make up Pil og Liv inhabit a harmonious musical universe. They have a knack for personal indie pop with light-as-air melodies and lyrics filled with unbearable, unrequited love.