BlueSPOT: Six Danish Cities and Bremen Set the Agenda
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Friday | 29/04-2011 | By Moses O. Luxhøj

BlueSPOT: Six Danish Cities and Bremen Set the Agenda

For the first time Blue SPOT takes over Skolegade in Aarhus with 40 underground acts.

SPOT has always taken great pride in giving young and talented, yet still unknown bands a chance to prove themselves. This year
SPOT expands on that tradition and takes over all of Skolegade (street in downtown Aarhus known for its many bars and venues)
under the name of BlueSPOT. 40 new acts from the Danish underground will offer samples of their talent on the festival opening
night on 26h May.

Eight venues are part of Blue SPOT. Six of the stages each represent a Danish city, which will get the chance to showcase some
of its coolest underground acts. The seventh stage will be a singer/songwriter stage (called Song City) with each of the cities
sending its best exponent of that category.

The final stage will present the very best from Bremen (Germany), which will send four bands to Skolegade. Conversely, Aarhus
will send a number of bands to the festival Viertelfest, which is held in Bremen in August each year.

“Whereas normally you say that it is the top growth layer of Danish music that plays at SPOT, we present a great number of acts
from other layers with this event. Upcoming bands who may be part of the actual SPOT line-up next year, more established acts or
strong Bremen bands”, says Jesper Krüger, day-to-day head of ORA the Danish organisation of amateur musicians in popular music,
which together with Underground Music Awards, UMA and SPOT is behind Blue SPOT.

“Generally we have let the local practice room associations select the bands as no one knows the growth layer better than they do.
However, we’ve obviously made sure that there is a wide selection of music from the different Danish cities”, says Krüger and
explains what a unique opportunity to hear new music this will be:

“Blue SPOT has two huge assets: many cool concerts with very different acts in a small area, so if you don’t like the band you’re
seeing, you can just shop on. Furthermore, all the concerts are pretty short so it’s also a great opportunity to check out many different
acts and hear several amazing gigs.

The stars of tomorrow will take over Skolegade when the Opening Event at Bispetorv is drawing to a close. Entrance is free for all
Blue SPOT concerts, which will each last for approximately half an hour

Blue SPOT stages in Skolegade
The Billabong Bar: Herning
Fatter Eskil: Copenhagen
GBar: Aarhus
Meat Packers: Horsens
Escobar: Odense
Sidebar: Aalborg
Mojo: Bremen
Casino Bar: Song City