SPOT Festival 2012: 4.-5. maj
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Tirsdag | 13/09-2011 | Af Henrik Friis

SPOT Festival 2012: 4.-5. maj

Hymns From Nineveh på SPOT Festival 2011 - nu lægges planerne for 2012-udgaven. (Foto: David Castro).
Hymns From Nineveh på SPOT Festival 2011 - nu lægges planerne for 2012-udgaven. (Foto: David Castro).

Næste års SPOT Festival afvikles 4.-5. maj 2012 i Aarhus.

Mere info om ansøgningsprocedure, akkreditering etc. i løbet af den kommende tid.

Imellemtiden er her lidt internationale citater fra 2011-udgaven at varme sig på:

"...Spot is exactly the kind of festival we’d like to see happen in Asia — a focus on new talents, a solid variety of music, an urban festival that works with and promotes the city it’s held in, and a fair mix of networking/industry functions along with great parties.  Not to mention the excellent production values and organization we so need in China..."
- China Music Radar (China)

"...The SPOT festival, held in the picturesque town of Århus for the past seventeen years, has proven to be an invaluable tool not only for networking but also for showcasing the surprisingly diverse Danish music scene. It's like a mini-SXSW, albeit smaller and more Danish―an entirely good thing, considering how orderly the festival felt and how much the bands performing adhered to schedule..."
- Anthem Magazine (US)

"... the joy in SPOT festival is not just seeing what Denmark and the Nordic region has to offer musically – quite a lot, we know – and nor is it in meticulously planning who you want to see and where, it's about just seeing what you feel like, when you feel like and as is often the case, surprising yourself..."
- Drowned in Sound (UK)

"These Northeners all seem to have music as their hobby, or even calling. From one concert highlight to the next - there is simply no other way of describing the 2 days at SPOT Festival"
- Rockstar Magazine (CH)

"...This is my first visit to SPOT, but if I compare it to other showcase-festivals, I have to rate it 10 out of 10. Everything fits Stages, communication – the works..."
- Ralph Christoph, Head of Strategy, C/O Pop Festival, Köln (DE)

"...There is a great energy here, lot’s of cool people and what a great city. I am here for the fourth time and I love to be here..."
- Jean-Louis Brossard, Festival program director, Trans Musicales, Rennes (FR)

"... I go to quite a few festivals in Europe, and the SPOT Festival is one of my clear favourites. Because of the variety of the concerts and the Danish bands’ high level. The entire festival has a clear focus on the music in all its events – also the seminars and meetings. We find a lot of inspiration here for Tallinn Music Week..."
- Helen Sildna, International Relations, Talinn Music Week (EE)

"...This was my forth SPOT Festival in a row. What I really appreciate is the overwhelming and intensive communication with so many and so different people. For example: I had very nice talks to Oh Land and Jenny Wilson without having an interview date. It just happened - we ran into each other. People in general are very warm hearted..."
- Klaus Fiehe, Music journalist, 1 LIVE RADIO (DE)