Sagt om SPOT
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Onsdag | 01/12-2010 | Af Henrik Friis

Sagt om SPOT

Forget Glastonbury! Hello Denmark!
SPOT – an altogether nicer kind of rock festival
Kieron Tyler, Mojo Magazine (UK).

The vast Majority of music I heard at SPOT massively exceeded my expectations..
…It is incredibly civilised. I have never witnessed a less drunken and debauched rock festival.
Neil McGormick, The Daily Telegraph (UK) – forfatter til 2006’s bedst sælgende musikbog på verdensplan, ”U2 by U2”.

"(But) I was not prepared for the quality of the commotion that hit me at SPOT. The festival had everything I like about the concert experience: a dynamite setting (Denmark in the spring), convenience (multiple stages within spitting distance of each other), down-to-earth hospitality (a great crew running the whole affair); and jubilant, knowledgable and inquisitive audiences."..." Be there. Or lose out."
David Fricke, Senior Editor, Rolling Stone (US) i omslaget til cd'en "Rocking - Music from Denmark".

The Danish music industry is peopled by some very smart cookies with some smashing ideas. While Denmark may be a bit like Ireland … its music industry is far more advanced with dozens and dozens of thriving, ambitious, professional, forward-looking labels, management companies, publishing companies and business which do all of the above and a whole lot more beside. And they also network like it’s going of fashion….
Oh and the city of Arhus is gorgeous. Well worth a visit.
Jim Carroll, The Irish Times (IE).

In Denmark ROSA, the Danish Rock Council, supports danish acts performing abroad. They also organise the SPOT-Festival, which is the most important in Skandinavia…
Taubertal Festival (DE) omkring samarbejdet med SPOT i 2008.

"For mig er SPOT Festivalen som et stort juletræ med en kæmpe stabel gaver foran. Organiseringen er perfekt, atmosfæren er cool, man kan nemt møde de mennesker, man skal møde. Det er virkeligt en begivenhed, man ikke må gå glip af"
Jean-Pierre Moya, indehaver af den franske radiostation Rockomondo.

”Great music has a way of erasing regional and linguistic borders, and if there's one thing the 11-year-strong SPOT Festival can teach outsiders, it's that Scandinavia is producing killer sounds in multiple tongues.”
Jennifer Maertz, The Stranger, Seattle, USA om SPOT 11.

I’ve seen so many great bands here…
Ryan Schreiber (US), grundlægger af verdens største indiemusic-site,

It was an amazing weekend..
Julien Broquet, Le Soir (BE), musikjournalist, Belgiens største fransk-sprogede avis.

"Der hersker en fantastisk atmosfære på SPOT, som man bør værne om. Det er måske den bedste af sin slags."
David Barat, fransk musikagent, til JP Århus i forbindelse med SPOT 10.

I was impressed by the festival and the level of the Danish acts I saw...Efterklang will remain a magical memory.
Jean Francois Jaspers, Collectif Jaune Orange (BE), manager/booker.

A lot of bands performing here at the SPOT Festival definitely have strong export capabilities….they can work in multiple markets including North America.
Sat Bisla, musikjournalist/arrangør, A&R Worldwide, MusExpo, L.A. (US).

"Musikkens kvalitet her er superb. Jeg tror ikke, at man i dag kan tage til en festival i Storbritannien og finde et så generelt højt niveau."
Christian Ulf-Hansen, Plan C Music (UK), til Århus Stiftstidende under SPOT 10.

“...I found SPOT to be one of the most enjoyable and productive festivals I've ever been to, both in terms of industry networking opportunities and the overall quality of the music. I loved how easy it was to get from one venue to another and felt that the festival was well-organised from start to finish. My favourite part about SPOT, though, is the opportunity it presents to hear new music that I hadn't previously known about...”
Dan Koplowitz, Friendly Fire Recordings (US)

SPOT handler netop om, at man vandrer rundt og opdager ny musik, man ikke vidste man gik og manglede…… ….dansk musiklivs vigtigste festival
Information 06/07.

"The SPOT Festival sees over 90 indegenous bands showcase their scandinavian talents for two days in the picturesque town of Aarhus in front of a smart and switched on crowd of Danish music fans. We had the chance to see a wide variety of acts on what is clearly a very proud and fast developing scene."
Matt Bennet, Clash Magazine (UK), om SPOT 10.

”Den århusianske musikfestival SPOT har udviklet sig til at være en af Skandinaviens vigtigste udstillingsvinduer”.
Overskrift, MetroXpress (9/6-05) om SPOT 11.

The SPOT Festival in general is one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to for a couple of reasons: I’m struck by the variety of what’s here, and actually of how bany bands, that I didn’t knew before, that I’ve since become big fans of……The Blue Van, Under Byen, The Raveonettes, The Figurines. They’re all bands that I saw here at SPOT for the first time...
David Fricke, Senior Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine (US).