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28/05/2011 | 23:40
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Orka / Ben Osborne's Noise of Art with The People Pile and Dec Shoes [GB]

Landfill instruments coupled with electronic beats straight from the English club scene! Oh yes, this will be something else. ORKA’s chaotic “commercial avant-garde” on homemade instruments patched up of fence posts, pressure vessels and scrap metal is paired with the English DJ and musician Ben Osborne. As if that wasn’t enough, Osborne brings along DJ couple Dec Shoes, who mutate the crowd’s noise and sing-along with loops and other effects, and the dancers/choreographers of The People File. It will be first edition of an experiment, which will later be presented at the Metissage Festival in London. Not a forced fusion project, rather an experiment with sound. As the involved parties put it, the beginning of an organic, collaborative project which will interweave several diverse cultural initiatives.

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