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Musikhuset Århus, Rytmisk Sal
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27/05/2011 | 16:00
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Let Me Play Your Guitar/Talking To Turtles (DE) [DE]

The leading men of the Danish folk rock band Let Me Play Your Guitar are the brothers Jeppe and Emil Davidsen, who with their polyphonic vocal harmonies and irresistible instrumentation compose beautiful and infectious tunes. The lads create a sunny universe that makes you think of Fleet Foxes and Simon & Garfunkel – with a twist of ukulele, flute and tinkling bells. At this concert LMPYG will go on stage with the acoustic singer/songwriter duo Talking To Turtles from Germany. The unpredictable duo defy standard categories, but are often compared to The Moldy Peaches. And their unique, warm, melancholy, crazy and whimsical sound has taken them far. Thus, in 2010 they toured with Angus and Julia Stone. Their second album is expected to be out in the late summer of 2011. 

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Latest album: Let Me Play Your Guitar: Doing Rainbows? (ep 2009), Talking To Turtles Monologue (ep, 2008)

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